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Hello, I'm a journalist writer podcaster moderator facilitator

with a passion for storytelling.

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Lydia Capolicchio.

Lydia’s passion for communication launched her journalism career already as a young high school student.

Her journalism experience has spanned three decades with assignments including news anchor, producer of investigative documentaries, and host of the Eurovision Song Contest – not to mention flying the Saab Mach 2 fighter jet Viggen. She is a proven producer, director and a former reporter in news and entertainment.

There is an international demand for her engagement. Her clientele includes global industry, leading businesses and all levels of government. Lydia can be seen on stage and in the board room with well known industry leaders and politicians as well as NGO:s and civil rights people.

Lydia has a focus on clear dialogue with a unique ability to find synergies and create trust. She is respected for her engagement and preparation in all assignments. Lydia is of Italian-Slovenian heritage and was born in Borås, the western part of Sweden.

She is passionate about the European people and its politics and has chosen to apply her strategic communication skills in a variety of forums close to her heart.

—To work with a variety of daily newspapers is the best school for a journalist and reporter. Looking back, I think I at one time or another filled every role possible at a publication: police reporter, family reporter, local news, political reporter, photographer, entertainment and public interest…


A broad experience of TV, Radio & Newspapers.

Lydia has a broad experience from field reporting in conflict zones to investigations of politics and society and popular family entertainment features. Her journalistic reach and appeal grew outside of national borders quite early in her career due in part to her multi-cultural heritage.

It was as a journalist in the daily press that Lydia laid the groundwork for all of her future assignments.

In addition to her work with daily newspapers, Lydia has written for weekly and monthly publications.Eventually, Lydia made her debut in both TV and radio. One of her more memorable early assignments contributed to taking Sweden closer to Europe when she hosted the program “Europasvepet” (European Sweep) – a multicultural music and feature program from all of corners of Europe.

In addition to a long resume of journalistic work, Lydia had the lead role in the film ”Nyfiken EU” (Curious European Union) about a journalist on a mission after the New Europe. Produced and written by the famous writer and filmdirector Vilgot Sjöman.

—It was the first time I clearly and knowingly took a stand in a political question. With my heritage from both Italy and Slovenia, I could not imagine anything except a “Yes to a European Union”…everything else felt wrong, and I wanted to illustrate why.


Facilitate meetings, debates & panel discussions.

As a moderator, Lydia’s role is to facilitate meetings, debates and panel discussions amongst business, organisations, leaders and many more. Her goal is to increase clarity and involvement, in order to ensure a positive process and to reach the desired outcome. Moderator venues include TV, radio, scene and other public forums, as well as company events.

Lydia is both serious and entertaining, but most of all engaged and well researched for her assignments. She has an intuition for posing relevant questions in a fast paced environment and skilled at creating dialogue and participation both on and off stage. Lydia is in demand as one of the most talented debate and program leaders in the region, and described in media as “a safe bet as a scene anchor”.

—Through my assignments with so many leading companies and different levels of the public sector, I have gained a more complete picture of society, human relations and the thoughts of our modern day leaders. It becomes a constant flow of input, ideas and innovations that I take with me to my next assignment.

—I believe the key to success in communicating a message is absolutely dependent on how the audience gets involved in what is happening on stage. Regardless if the public fills large halls or are part of a smaller setting– if it doesn’t work for the audience, it didn’t work at all.


Brainfood with Lydia ("Hjärntillskott med Lydia").

This is the spot where Lydia brings everything you need to know in various topics with Swedish and international profiles. The best knowledge and inspiration, always up to date and spot on. Listen to the latest podcast below or browse among many more through the links below. Be sure to subscribe, all free of charge of course, but so much to gain.

This is time really well spent. Always a warm, smart dialogue with a twist. And the people. Wow! Love this podcast!

I have listened to some of the episodes over and over. I find something new everytime, beyond the ordinary news on the subjects.

I wish all episodes where in English, but happy that some of them are. This journalist has made me curious for more…

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—All companies and organizations have a history worth telling: success stories, failures, mistakes, heroes, happy moments, visions and much more.


Nothing is better than a good story.

There is nothing that moves, affects and changes like a good story. A story can impact and spur to action and even build mountains. Let me give you a reason why storytelling vs corporate speeches can win you many clients and also improve your team.

To drive a company often requires leaders to sit in front of the train and work together to pull everything and everyone in the same direction. The issue is that a company seldom has a problem free ride and continuously straight rails. Once in a while there comes a dark tunnel and in worst case there is an unseen sharp curve after a bumpy moment. Also, the people in front see and experience everything much sooner then the rest.

How can all passengers get the same view despite of where they are sitting?

All companies and organizations have a history worth telling: success stories, failures, mistakes, heroes, happy moments, visions and much more. When those truthful histories are used it can be a powerful compliment to the part of a company that cannot be communicated so clearly. One could say that corporate storytelling “humanizes” the brand and gets the organization much more united. It also eases the right recruiting, adds value to the products, services and much more.

In other words, the people in front need to go back in the train and explain the story to the rest.

Have you heard it before ? So what are you waiting for…


The best stories are true and are always around us.

Poisoned – The Promise to My Friend

Formgivare: Kerstin Hanson
Utgiven: 2023-03-01
Förlag: Ordberoende Förlag
Format: Inbunden, Pocket, Ljudbok
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Pakten – Det sista löftet

Formgivare: Kerstin Hanson
Utgiven: 2024-04-08
Förlag: Ordberoende Förlag
Format: Inbunden, Ljudbok
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Book Outlet

—I have always been fascinated by all the true stories around me. The flavour of reality has often out conquered ficton in my life. “Based on a true story” is the most beautiful sentence I know in this context.

Notable TV and Radio Assignments by Lydia:

  • SVT (Swedish National Broadcasting Company) – “Gomorron Sverige” Anchor and host for the weekly morning show.
  • SVT: Eurovision Song Contest – hosting the hugely popular annual event, with a viewing public of over 1 billion people in households across Europe.
  • SVT: ”Rock från Kulturbolaget”- program leader for a live music series that documented the music landscape in the Nordics.
  • TV4: Anchor and host of the morning show
  • TV4: Documentary-, war- and conflict reporter covering Sudan and India
  • TV4: Editor as well as coach for the presenters and hosts of the TV4 Breast Cancer Gala
  • TV4: Morning news program leader and newscaster
  • TV4: Stationed as field reporter in New York City for the daily Expressen and TV4
  • TV4: Reporter for “Kalla Fakta” (The Cold Facts), a popular documentary series on TV4 investigating a variety of topics such as racism and illegal business practices.
  • TV4: “Svart eller Vitt” (Black or White) – program leader for live debate program
  • TV8: Anchor and Editor for “Studio 8” produced by TV8, a television channel owned by Modern Times Group in the UK, focused on current affairs, documentaries and drama.
  • TV8: Program leader and investigative reporter for the series about the 2004 Tsunami catastrophe in Thailand
  • TV3: Reporter for the series “Prestanda” on the Viasat owned TV3. Assignment included: flying the Saab fighter jet Viggen, driving a Jeep through the Australian outback, documenting the Vespas homeland of Italy, reporting on the new car turism industry in Mongolia, and investigating transportations consequence for the environment.
  • TV3: ”Nöjesredaktionen” – program leader for the entertainment news
  • RADIO CITY: ”Europasvepet” – anchor and producer for live Sunday magazine radio about the European Union.
  • TV STOCKHOLM (Local Channel): Anchor and editor for the everyday show ”The Stockholm Magazine”

Mixed Moderator Clients:

  • Urban development, Sustainability, Infrastructure:
    Stockholm Stad, Göteborg Stad, Malmö Stad, Helsingborgs stad, Skanska, NCC, Sveriges Byggindustrier; Hyresgästföreningen, SKL, Ramböll, Jernhusen, Vägverket, Grontmij, BravidaFastighetsföretag, Boverket, SWECO, Transportgruppen and more…
  • Welfare:
    SKL, Lärarförbundet, Äldreförvaltningen/Stockholm Stad and more…
  • Industry & Research:
    Vinnova, IVA, Volvo AB, Skogsindustrierna, Astra Zeneca, Energigas, Svensk Vindenergi, ABB, EON, LKAB and more…
  • Finance, Banking, Insurance:
    Finansinspektionen, Bankföreningen, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, SEB, Max Mattisen, Länsförsäkringar, IKANO, Nordnet and more…
  • Organisations & Authorities:
    Skatteverket, Svenskt Näringsliv, Arbetsförmedlingen, Rikspolisstyrelsen, Tillväxtverket, KFO, LRF, ALMI, Unionen, Regeringskansliet, Livsmedelsverket and more…
  • Enterprises:
    COOP, ICA, DLF, Electrolux. PROACT, Securitas, Scandic, Wistrand advokatbyrå, Winge Advokatbyrå, SSAB, Sandvik, Absolut Vodka, Bonnier, MTG, Kinnevik and more…

Selected Corporate Storytelling Clients:

  • Volvo, Ericsson, Electrolux, Iggesund, Securitas, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Wistrands Advokatbyrå and many more…
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