As a moderator, Lydia’s role is to facilitate meetings, debates and panel discussions amongst business, organisations, leaders and many more. Her goal is to increase clarity and involvement, in order to ensure a positive process and to reach the desired outcome. Moderator venues include TV, radio, scene and other public forums, as well as company events.

Lydia is both serious and entertaining, but most of all engaged and well researched for her assignments. She has an intuition for posing relevant questions in a fast paced environment and skilled at creating dialogue and participation both on and off stage. Lydia is in demand as one of the most talented debate and program leaders in the region, and described in media as “a safe bet as a scene anchor.”

The role of moderator is of special interest:

– I believe the key to success in communicating a message is absolutely dependent about how the audience gets involved in what is happening on stage. Regardless if the public fills large halls or are part of a smaller setting– if it didn’t work for the audience, it didn’t work at all.

– Through my assignments with so many leading companies and different levels of the public sector, I have gained a more complete picture of society, human relations and the thoughts of our modern day leaders. It becomes a constant flow of input, ideas and innovations that I take with me to my next assignment.

– However, there is no assignment like the previous one, and a moderator is only as good as their last one!


Selected cases

Urban development, Sustainability, Infrastructure:

Stockholm Stad, Göteborg Stad, Malmö Stad, Helsingborgs stad, Skanska, NCC, Sveriges Byggindustrier; Hyresgästföreningen, SKL, Ramböll, Jernhusen, Vägverket, Grontmij, BravidaFastighetsföretag, Boverket, SWECO, Transportgruppenetc


SKL, Lärarförbundet, Äldreförvaltningen/Stockholm Stad samt flera kommuner

Industry & Research:

Vinnova, IVA, Volvo AB, Skogsindustrierna, Astra Zeneca, Energigas, Svensk Vindenergi, ABB, EON, LKAB med många fler

Finance, Banking, Insurance:

Finansinspektionen, Bankföreningen, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, SEB, Max Mattisen, Länsförsäkringar, IKANO, Nordnet mfl

Organisations & Authorities:

Skatteverket, Svenskt Näringsliv, Arbetsförmedlingen, Rikspolisstyrelsen, Tillväxtverket, KFO, LRF, ALMI, Unionen, Regeringskansliet, Livsmedelsverket mfl


COOP, ICA; DLF, Electrolux. PROACT, Securitas, Scandic; Wistrand advokatbyrå, Winge Advokatbyrå, SSAB, Sandvik, Absolut Vodka, Bonnier, MTG, Kinnevik